New Client Alert: Trasacco Group

Babu Global is excited to welcome on board our new client, Trasacco Group.

About Trasacco Group

Trasacco Group is a leading property development company  in Ghana and an agent of various world-leading home and office design brands. The company was founded by Baron Ernesto Fiore Taricone in 1974 after he settled in Ghana from his native country Italy. The foundation of the Group as it now exists was laid down by Ernesto Taricone, son of the original founder. He arrived in Ghana in 1968, he stayed put and never left. After his father passed away, he took over the reins of the family business. Surviving the revolution that took place in 1979 and the resulting years of lack of business opportunities, Ernesto is today the Chairman of the TRASACCO Group, which has a force of around 2000 employees across Ghana and a significant combined assets of equipment, facilities, property, land and human resources.

The TRASACCO Group has always been associated with quality and innovation. TRASACCO Valley, was the first luxury planned-residential development in Ghana and remains the most prestigious gated community in the country.

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